EnergyPathways Strategic Statement

EnergyPathways recognises that the transition to Net Zero is changing the energy landscape for good. A more sustainable energy future will require non-traditional energy approaches and solutions.

EnergyPathways is targeting lower emission energy solutions that provide affordable reliable energy to the UK market while offering security of energy supply and commercial returns to attract investment.

EnergyPathways demands that its projects also have potential to integrate new technologies and energy systems (such as gas to power, renewables, CCS and hydrogen) in support of the pathway to develop a lower carbon economy.

EnergyPathways recognises the UK Government demand for fast tracking domestic gas supply that can contribute to reduced emissions and offer security of supply in the near term.

Core to the company’s values are: to be a responsible steward of the environment and to place the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and its community as paramount.


Statement of Strategic Alignment

EnergyPathways’ strategy has been communicated to NSTA and UK Government. EnergyPathways strategy is fully aligned with Government energy strategy and objectives.  

EnergyPathways and its investors are fully aware of and aligned to NSTA’s central obligations, the NSTA EIS regional strategy, the UK Government’s net zero objectives and the UK Government’s Energy Security Strategy.

EnergyPathways’ proposition is that its strategy is fully aligned to Government strategy and provides a vehicle for maximising the economic value of UK’s domestic petroleum resources while delivering low emission energy solutions and energy security through near term development.

EnergyPathways foundation project in support of UK Government strategy is the early development of the Marram gas field which, by executing in a timely fashion can contribute to energy security, the economic value of the UK’s domestic petroleum resources and reducing the UK’s carbon footprint by displacing higher emission LNG imports.

EnergyPathways seeks to attract investment capital into the UKCS energy sector. by aligning its strategy to UK Government to delivering energy solutions providing reduced emissions and energy security.