Ethics Policy

Code of Ethics

Our intention is to provide a clear expectation for our standards of business ethics and conduct which we expect from our people and all those who work with us. This Code not only applies to Employees and officers of EnergyPathways, it also applies to all other parties who work on the Company’s behalf, including contractors, suppliers and partners.

The requirements of the Code are implemented in all EnergyPathways operated joint ventures, requiring all joint venture partners, international and local suppliers,

agents and other third parties to act in a manner consistent with the values and principles set out in the Code.

In joint ventures where EnergyPathways is not the operator, best efforts will be taken to ensure equivalence and alignment with these standards.

Underpinning the details in our Code of Ethics are our core values of building respect, nurturing relationships, and acting responsibly.

The following list is the main sections of our Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded below.

Personal Responsibility

Management Responsibility

The Way we Work

Managing our Risk

Our Expectations

Project Delivery

Business Relationships – Our Core Principle

Bribery and Corruption

Gifts, Hospitality, and Expenses

Political Contributions and Activity

Money Laundering

Import and Export Controls

Protection of Assets and Use of Information Technology

Competition and Anti-Trust

Confidentiality and Insider Trading

Personnel Contributions to Outside Organisations

Disclosure and Reporting

Our People – behaviour

Occupational Health & Safety

Major Hazards


Management of Personal Data

Environment – principles and expectations

Society and Communities

Charitable Gifts

Communication and Public Engagement


EnergyPathways Code of Ethics

August 2021

Download : EnergyPathways Code of Ethics (pdf, 375.93 KB)