Energy Innovation

17 May 2022

EnergyPathways is intent on contributing to the challenges of a lower-carbon future. With renewable energy sources like solar and wind potentially to providing up to 40% of energy globally by 2060, hydrocarbons will continue to play a vital transition role in the coming decades, providing much-needed energy to fuel transport, in particular flexible power generation, energy storage, aviation, and make everyday products from plastics to steel. 

EnergyPathways is using its expertise and experience to deliver cleaner energy solutions to help the UK and other countries meet their meet its growing energy needs. We will work with partners, communities, and government bodies to do this in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Opportunities exist for those companies who can innovate and bring together an understanding of future market needs, emerging technologies and integrate energy systems. EnergyPathways is targeting energy solutions that integrate across gas to power, renewables, CCS and blue and green hydrogen and ammonia.

Natural gas – the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon – has a major role to play in the UK’s energy future and will be vital to building a sustainable energy future, especially in power generation, where it produces around half the CO2 and just one-tenth the air pollutants that coal does.